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The team at Taste of Tradition - Chinese New Year 2017






Taste of Tradition

Our motto , since inception, is in vino credimus, we only sell the wines we believe in, in wines you trust.

Cold Chain Logistic

Taste of Tradition uses Cold-Chain Logistics to transport all our wines. Kept at 12–15 degrees Celsius, from the winery to our clients, and at 70% humidity. This quality assurance has been transported in the best conditions technology can offer, shipped direct from the winery in Refridgerated Containers, our cold chain logisitcs are entirely in-house. We offer Same Day Delivery for orders received before 10am. in-place since 1999. We keep our logistics functions in-house to ensure quality and accuracy, to fulfil orders.

Agent, Importer & Distributor

Taste of Tradition was established in 1995 and is the Agent to many famous wine brands. Today, we represent wines from over 85 growing areas, 11 countries and over 500 wines each vintage. We represent a fine selection of winemakers, we have a robust selection process and work closely with Producers to manage their distribution in Singapore.