Policy Statements

Security Policy Statement

Taste of Tradition (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd is committed to protecting the company's employees, properties, information, reputation and customer's assets from potential threats in the supply chain.

This policy is guided by the company’s basic core values, code of conduct, business ethics and supply chain security standards, and it fashions the way we operate throughout the supply chain. All security activities must adhere to the general principles laid down below:

  • - All employees and contractors must always be aware of and take responsibility for the security aspects of the company’s business activities;
  • - Threats analysis and risk evaluations should be conducted on a regular basis;
  • - Security procedures and guidelines should be seamlessly integrated with business activities;
  • - "Incident prevention" must be the first priority;
  • - Preparedness response plans must be developed and tested to deal with assessed risks rapidly and effectively;
  • - Security measures and procedures must be subject to regular inspections, validations and verifications so as to maintain high security
  • standards for Taste of Tradition’s operations;
  • - The level of professionalism, knowledge and integrity of staff involved in security matters must be tightly controlled;
  • - Appropriate training plans, customer screening, recruitment, contracting and termination procedures must be established and implemented;


  • - All incidents, including security breaches and irregularities must be reported and recorded. Corrective action should be taken and followed up through regular verifications to improve the overall security standard.

This policy has been approved by the management. It will be reviewed, and if necessary revised, annually to keep up to date.

Trade Compliance Statement

Principle Statement

Taste of Tradition is committed to complying with all applicable export, import, and trade compliance laws in all countries in which Taste of Tradition does business. These laws include customs and product/country of origin marking laws. In conducting business across borders, employees must be aware of and follow these laws and Taste of Tradition’s trade compliance policies and standards.


Taste of Tradition is a Singapore company that imports from the major wine producing countries around the world. Taste of Tradition’s products move regularly among countries in transhipment. This Principle helps ensure that Taste of Tradition complies with all import and trade compliance laws in all of its business activities.

This Principle applies to all employees and may apply to those acting on behalf of Taste of Tradition.

Additional Guidance

Trade Control Laws Generally

  • - Follow Taste of Tradition trade compliance policies and standards.

Export Control Laws

  • - Comply with all applicable export control laws and regulations of the countries in which Taste of Tradition conducts business.
  • - Comply with all conditions, restrictions, and reporting requirements of export licenses.
  • - Follow all applicable local country export reporting laws and regulations for all transfers of goods.
  • - When establishing new suppliers, partners, brokers, agents, financial institutions, freight forwarders and customers, a “restricted party review” should be conducted to ensure Taste of Tradition is not interacting with money-launders, terrorists, drug dealers or export control violators.

Importation, Country of Origin and Marking Laws

  • - Follow all applicable Singapore customs and import laws and regulations.
  • - Instruct and work with suppliers to provide accurate trade compliance data and documentation.
  • - Establish required cargo security controls at all applicable facilities that ship or receive products internationally and instruct international suppliers to also establish security controls.
  • - Direct all correspondence with local Customs authorities through Procurement Manager.
  • - Do not provide inaccurate, incomplete or unsubstantiated invoice or import documentation, including those related to product description, classification, valuation, country of origin or quantity.
  • - Report to management all amendments to Customs declarations for pricing adjustments, indirect payments, or credits received.


Failure to comply with export, import, and trade compliance laws could lead to criminal and civil penalties for Taste of Tradition and for you personally, significant business disruptions, and harm to Taste of Tradition’s reputation. Violations of Taste of Tradition’s Code of Conduct will result in discipline, up to and including termination from employment.